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A Better Way is Here

A Better Way is Here

Few diseases exact such enduring and widespread financial and economic burdens as cancer. Yet, cancer care management is often prone to the same cost, access, and care barriers that affect other areas of the health system.

Self-insured employers, as the "payers" of cancer care management on behalf of their Members, are struggling to bring together comprehensive solutions that address all aspects of cancer's impact on a Member and their family to improve outcomes, while also managing the cost for their Members and their organization.

Find out more about how Transcarent's (New) Cancer Care Playbook can change how you can deliver better support for your employees with cancer.

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The amount patients and caregivers spend per month on cancer care treatment.*

1-3 Months

The time it takes for a  typical cancer patient to reach their out-of-pocket maximum after a positive screening.*


The average amount of assets 42% of cancer patients reported depleted within two years of their diagnosis.*

30% of survivors

 Report some level of financial hardship due to treatment costs.*


The (New) Cancer Care Playbook


MAY 12 at 2 PM EDT, 11 AM PDT

The (New) Cancer Care Playbook



Mind the gaps

Most cancer management solutions fall short because they only address one or two pieces of the overall cancer care journey, leaving the rest for the patient, provider, or employer to figure out. What is needed is an integrated, holistic experience–one that addresses barriers of access, cost, support, and high-value treatments across a cancer journey. At Transcarent, we believe cancer care should be redesigned around the Member, and their needs, so they are fully in charge of their health and care decisions, resulting in access to information that empowers Members, care teams, and employers. 

Member Empowerment

Members who feel more in control and are better positioned to manage both the clinical and financial complexities of their care journey.

Provider Empowerment

Oncologists who are well versed in new clinical research, treatments, and interventions can mitigate complications, inappropriate services, and adverse outcomes–democratizing high-quality cancer care to local settings.

Employer Empowerment

Employers who can manage costs and support their employees through the delivery of robust benefit design and offerings as part of an integrated cancer care journey.


A new kind of health and care experience

Transcarent Oncology Care is built to walk with Members through the realities of dealing with cancer. Using a combination of digital and live guidance, along with an ecosystem of high-quality care options, Transcarent creates an infrastructure that supports a Member’s physical, emotional and financial needs, including:

Comprehensive educational tools empower Members to ask questions, explore treatment options, and adhere to care plans and lifestyle changes.

A robust mental and behavioral health support system empowers Members to manage their concerns and anxieties, and be guided to the appropriate resources.

Trained Health Guides to accompany Members on their care journeys, helping them choose the best provider, address financial concerns, and answer questions.

Access to the top oncologists and facilities, thanks to Transcarent’s direct contracting with Centers of Excellence across the country.

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The foundation is simple - empowerment


A Holistic Approach to Cancer Care

The seamless integration of digital technology, benefits and cost-management tools, along with access to cancer-oriented Centers of Excellence and person-to-person connection helps: 

  • Members make critical clinical and financial decisions at every stage of their cancer care journey with confidence 
  • Oncologists and their care teams access the latest clinical research and reviews
  • Employers manage costs and support their employees through the delivery of robust benefit design and training tools

Download our latest white paper to learn how Transcarent Oncology Care begins with the Member and builds from there- from diagnosis and treatment to remission and recovery.

*sources included with the download of the white paper